Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter March 2023,

Looking back over the month of February, one virtual consultation, two hours, stands out to me.  I discussed 70 properties, starting with the two most valuable around $5,000.00 each.  I discussed the quality elements and then the value characteristics.  The other material was of average to below average quality, collected by person for theme of ‘Buddhist’ over four decades. 

There were tables with ten or more small gilt metal Buddhist figure statues, with a fair market value of $100-$500 each, with the walls covered with Tibetan thangkas.  The owner had collected in New York City in the 1980’s, when Eastern ethnic merchandise stores were exotic and quality of material was limited to what was being imported, often by adventure travelers from Turkey to Nepal.  I was one of those travelers who returned with merchandise to sell so I could return and experience another adventure. 

Before our conversation, I received over one hundred clear photos, and did an hour quick research and then asked my husband, Arthur Leeper, his opinion and we discussed for two hours.  I spoke with client for two hours, talking origin, material and age, and a value range was given.  It became evident, no matter the value of the material, the same amount of time and research was often spent on each individual property.  For this particular assignment, no written documentation was needed, so I accepted the job.

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