Written Reports

Written reports are $400 per hour. A report can be in PDF format or bound copy. Written appraisals are typically required for charitable donation, and estate tax.  All reports are compliant with the Appraisal Foundation’s current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Office Consultation

Office visits are $400 per hour. An appointment may be scheduled and the property brought to Cynthia Shaver. There is no written documentation provided.

Virtual Appraisals

Virtual appraisals are $400 per hour. Families benefit from information and can be an affordable way to divide or dispose of contents of relative’s home without cost of written report. There is no written documentation provided. This can be accomplished with Zoom, FaceTime or other video service.

On-site Visits

On-site visits are $400 per hour. This is manner to address recently aquired Asian Art material or understanding the long held family belongings. An appointment may be scheduled, there is no written documentation provided although note-taking is encouraged. Ms. Shaver has multiple scelorsis and in wheelchair. Space must be accessible.