Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter June 2023,

Summer. As all know, that means fog in San Francisco Bay area. Our horizon until noon is often matching in gray with the blue tones of the water. A reflective mirror. And then at noon, the sun is out and the outer clothing layers start to be peeled off, rarely warm enough for sleeveless though.

May was a good month. I now have my Camelia watercolor by Terese Bartholomew from exhibit at Belvedere Tiburon library and it greets me every morning. I can’t attach images or it would have been front and center. Heard insightful talk by collector of ikat, David Paley through Textile Museum Associates LA. Have heard the exhibit in Seattle is quite fun.

Please go see an art exhibit or two this month. Always have a conversation starter and brain will thank you. See something different than what style you have in your home. Get uncomfortable and then move to something pleasing.

Always something of interest

One image from Asian Art Museum

Or all exhibitions at AAM.

And because my roots are from this geographical area. Go Nuggets!

A fun read to me

For reference.

I love this sculpture. Five Bodhi Leaves. 2021. Kay Sekimachi. Worth a special visit.