Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter July August 2023,


 I have been MIA due to technology problems.  Mail, Photos, Zoom, Word, Instagram.

The comfort is hearing others have issue too.  For weeks I could not receive nor send email.  My ability to text stopped working.  My photos from all of 2023 disappeared into the ethernet.  Deleted all email before 2021.  I am considering changing my email address to a gmail account. 

But I have great links to share.  And business is growing fast and faster.  I love my work.

My voice and mind have years to work, my fingers not so long.  Multiple Sclerosis. 

Written documents remain a challenge.

Thank you for trust and patience,


Art of Korea https://www.artoftheancestors.com/blog/rediscovering-koreas-past-smithsonian

Animals in Japanese Art. https://www.artoftheancestors.com/blog/animals-japanese-art-cleveland-museum

Now showing https://www.artoftheancestors.com/blog/tree-serpent-the-met