Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Newsletter December 2021,

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Some of my time during the November month regarded researching material from South Sumatra purchased in 1960’s. There were stone figures, textiles and paintings. The stone figures, for me were a cross between Easter Island and the Philippines.  As a young mother, my husband Arthur Leeper, had a large 2’ stone Philippine sculpture I was afraid would fall on my two toddlers. When sold, I missed the statue but was relieved. These stone figures were powerful with gestures suggesting ‘care’.

I have been attending the Friday zoom presentations, Arts of Asia lecture series, from Society For Asian Art at Asian Art Museum. The topic has been contemporary Asian Art. It has all been new to me and most of the material quite fascinating. In one case, a few years ago I had photographed an artwork I didn’t particularly like but it intrigued me, made me’ Pause’ and contemplate. This fall I heard the artist speak and show photos of other work and found myself quite a fan.

This fall I have ‘discovered’ outdoor battery candles and solar outdoor string lighting. It has added tremendous pleasure.