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I will be in Austin, Texas from July 2-11, and welcome any consultations or verbal appraisals there at this time. I’m attending Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic in Austin, but will have plenty of time for Asian Art.

Asian Art Museum, Tattoos in Japanese Prints http://www.asianart.org/exhibitions/tattoos-in-japanese-prints

Heard most interesting talk by Sarah Thompson, curator of Museum of Fine Arts Boston on “Tattoos in Japanese Woodblock Prints”. She mentioned out of the more than 17,000 prints in the MFA’s holdings, 300 of them had subjects with tattoos. Obviously those are popular, some prints are made into posters. There was a time when tattoos in Japan were associated with crime. Going into a communal bath, one must cover up tattoos or not go. Many a young foreigner has been surprised and disappointed.

Always interesting CultureGirl https://www.artsjournal.com/culturegrrl/2019/03/breach-of-trust-rothko-gave-sfmoma-its-soon-to-be-auctioned-painting-at-the-museums-request.html

Everyone is concerned with provenance, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/claude-monet-haystacks_n_6948590 this team has determined the painting is a Monet. Speaking of Monet, the exhibition at the deYoung Museum that just left “Monet: The Late Years” was fabulous. He painted his garden at Giverny, over and over in different seasons, and the Japanese bridge. When one entered the room, so many water lilies!!!

The always popular and informative lecture series by The Society For Asian Art, Fall 2019. “The lectures in this series will explore Zoroastrianism in the Iranian world, Manichaeism in Central and East Asia, Bon in Tibet, Mongolian Tengriism, Muism of Korea and folk religions in Asia. We will also explore Daoism in China, Shintoism in Japan, and Jainism in India, and examine more recent traditions such as Sufism in Asia, and Sikhism.”


Search the Asian Art Museum online collection for a particular property, Check out the textiles… http://searchcollection.asianart.org/objects/viewcollections/highlights?t:state:flow=809eba87-e0e5-41b5-a115-11163de0726

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