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The reds and browns of Autumn are everywhere in nature. Be sure and notice how the seasonal change announces itself where you live.

My assistant Susie and I did an onsite inspection and saw a small selection of Chinese antique property that had been in the family for two generations, beginning in early 1900’s. The mother was born and raised in China although not of Asian heritage, and brought the property with her when she moved from China to New York in 1940’s. Doing this job, I learned some Asian art was stored at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during World War II, this Chinese watercolor among that group. It was the second time in ten years I had encountered this provenance. If you know about property also stored at The Metropolitan Museum, please share your information with me.

Look at China’s record for museums. Where does the art go?

This is a very hard concept, AI art, to wrap my head around.

Wow! Architecture of Asia is the subject of the Spring Arts of Asia lecture series https://www.societyforasianart.org/programs/arts-asia-lecture-series/arts-asia-spring-2019-architecture-asia-baghdad-beijing-kabul

Comments on art market and cultural heritage

This exhibition has print coverage in many places. Here is Vogue

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