Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter February 2022,

I purchased the lithograph ‘Sewing Goddess’ by Mayumi Oda the end of the year 2021.  Since then, I have been sewing, repairing and patching one of three surviving Japanese furoshiki i have used for over four decades.  I was using my ‘least favorite’ furoshiki outside as tablecloth, when I realized I had only three indigo large furoshiki left, all in various states of ‘as is’.  Using my fingers too, I decided would be good exercise, so my sewing basket came out, and the pins got used.

From this adventure, I have learned there is special “sashiko” thread, always four ply.  Most patterns, no matter how simple, are drawn on the fabric first.  The goal is to make each stitch the same length and same space between each stitch.  Even if I was stitching on a line, this exercise was quite difficult for a beginning seamstress.  I took old cotton coasters apart, made from Japanese cloth, and placed them over various holes.  I used my handkerchief of the Tokyo subway system too, trying to stitch along Omotesando Line, trying to intersect at Ginza.  Brought out other small scraps of cloth, all very precious, and will continue this project.  I will make them last another ten years, they are becoming ‘my boro’.

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From Asia Week NY: Renowned dealer Koichi Yanagi passed away in Kyoto on January 17th at the age of 56. Koichi devoted his life to the appreciation of Japanese art and culture throughout the world and facilitated the acquisition of exquisite art objects by highly regarded public and private collectors.

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