Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter April 2022

March has been consumed with a wonderful project of writing descriptions of 120 Japanese textiles made between 1900 and 1945 with a military motif, generally referencing WWII and the Japanese spreading their Empire over the Pacific. There are no values involved. A professional colleague of mine introduced me to a European Gallery for this assignment. It comes at a particular difficult time in live history, but I must separate my job and love of textiles from the horrible reality of Russia invading Ukraine.  Learned the Depression was worldwide and effected the political and economic life everywhere. Unhappy workers led to rising Nationalism. It has been a fun break from valuations of property to learn and explore the designs and motifs used, immediately recognizable to a Japanese like the faithful Akita dog, Hachiho. 

I continue to hold virtual, and in-person, office appointments. I rarely see like things, similar yes, but different in quality. This week I examined a Japanese 14” Imari bowl, early 20th century, made for export.  The ring sound when struck was so clear and pure. Always a good test if you think there is a hidden repair, the ring is dead. I put the design and quality of painting and glaze in the top 20% of like material I’ve seen.  Also examined was a tall Hirado Japanese vase made into a lamp in 1946 in Tokyo, while the owners lived there. It was an interesting discussion of making into a lamp, looking at materials and switches.  I admit my husband, Arthur Leeper, had much to say about this while I remained quiet.

My garden is budding and blooming. Hope your gardens are budding too and the world will be a peaceful place again soon,