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Spring is everywhere, There are posts of flowers all over social media, beautiful cherry trees in Central Park and in Kyoto along Shinmonsen Dori. Museums are highlighting spring too. They are open!!!

A good day for me is to go to a plant nursery or an Art Museum.

This last month I learned a little bit about Canadian Inuit Eskimo carved stone art. Over ten years ago, I examined a group of around twenty figures: people, bears, seals, mother and child. At that time, each property had an identification tag, white with four hand written lines with a series of numbers and name of artist and geographical locale of maker. The value was significantly reduced, like from $1,000.00 to $200.00 without this tag.

Recently I came into a group of these sculptures, doing twenty minutes of research. Without the identification number tags, the art was selling on retail sites for high hundreds, $700.00 – $950.00.

When I looked on provincial auctions sites such as Clars in, Alameda CA, they were selling these sculptures without tags, for $150.00 – $300.00.. Couldn’t find anything about the tags today. Maybe a reader will know and let me know. That would be fun.

I urge you to go to your nearest museum. See Art. And to hug your friends.

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