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Thank you for reading my newsletter. The links that I have shared, are a result of Asia Week NY 2018, March 15 – 24. These are some of the topics I heard discussed at auction viewings, openings and museum exhibitions. The Asian art market attendance in NY has changed a bit, with the auctions attended by 75% Mainland Chinese rather than the 95% typically over the last five years. There were fewer people in the auction room, groups of people sitting together with visible empty chairs. On the other hand, when visiting the many dealers advertised in the yellow vertical handbook of ASIA WEEK, I was within head nodding distance with several Mainland Chinese. This ten day period brings people together for the common denominator of great Asian Art to see, and possibly to buy, and certainly to talk about. There are art auctions in China now, and many of the New York Asian Art dealers include contemporary work not only antique art.

For a link https://www.instagram.com/p/BgsMdpHlO4z/?taken-by=americansocietyappraisers to me and my blue hair, in front of a record breaking sale of a Chinese Imperil Robe at Christie’s.

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Provenance, or prior ownership, is often the key to owning a valuable object. Without it, there is no ‘legal’ buying and selling of the property.

China’s art market

Lawsuit against museum for showing replicas along with authentic

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