Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter October 2017,

There is much sadness in the world now, with the Mexico earthquake, the hurricane in Puerto Rico, and the evil that did damage to over 600 hundred people in eleven minutes in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please help make this a happier world.  Do small gifts of kindness for others.  Pay for a stranger’s meal, because you can.  Attend a talk about a subject you know nothing about, that will help spread knowledge.  Clean the sink in public bathroom for next person, be humble.

The world has lost a talented soul that added so much to so many

An exhibit not to be missed if in San Francisco at Asian Art Museum

And of course the Society For Asian Art Friday lecture series

And here I go again with Tina because she makes me feel good

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Enjoy a lovely day,

Cynthia Shaver, Senior Appraiser
Asian Art, ASA