Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter November 2017,

Nomura Shojiro. Those words appeared in my email and my heart jumped. The first name I heard associated with quality Japanese textiles when I started my business of buying and selling antique Japanese textiles in 1976 was Nomura Shojiro. The second name was Helen Benton Minnich that wrote Japanese Costumes & The Makers of It’s Elegant Tradition, the first and only book in English that focused on Japanese textiles written in honor of Nomura, with all of her information attributed to him.

I did an appraisal regarding four kosode fragment two-panel screens on loan to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco since 1989 that are owned by the Nomura Shojiro family.  It was an honor to be asked to do this work. To be so involved with something I first heard about in 1976, my career altered because of health and now, all of my forty years of learning about Japanese textiles comes to head with Appraisal of Kosode Screen in my subject line for emails.  It was a very special time to spend with four Nomura kosode screens. Please search the collection for R1989.46.1-4.

I don’t appraise baseballs, but someone does.

From NextDraft, a news site I follow
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Here is the Asian Art Museum collection online link

Look at the orange colors of the leaves,