Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter March 2017,

I am behind on returning phone calls. I am overwhelmed by written work, it is technical and legal.  I am busy and happy.

This month, I have helped people as executors of an estate, discussing for three hours about 80 items, all orally with property owners taking notes.  I had 36 Tibetan items brought in, also helped with estate planning, all done orally.  Will plan to do more appraisals this way, verbally.

I am preparing for Asia Week.  That means make a schedule and decide what auctions to see, what gallery shows or museum exhibits to visit, what lectures to attend.  There are at least five Chinese Art auctions, three Indian & Southeast Asian Art auctions, and two Japanese and Korean auctions.  I attend and mark in catalogue realized prices and occasionally, who purchased the property.

I see colleagues from around the world, find out where the market seems to be turning.  The conversations, the connections, the energy is important to my business.  The reporting in The New York Times of the Asia Week activities is often extensive.  I have been attending Asia Week since the late 1990’s and always return more informed about the market.

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