Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Appraiser Newsletter August 2017,

For something completely non related to art. We have a family of seagulls next door, two babies and parents, This is Daddy, Gulbert – red dot on beak – knocking on our door. When the doors are open, he does not walk in. Please ignore the political talking heads on the television and listen to Gulbert knock, knock, knocking at the door

Chosen as a favorite artwork in United Kingdom…
Banksy’s balloon girl chosen as the UK’s favourite artwork

All about Hokusai at The British Museum

Arts of Asia lecture series begins at Asian Art Museum again

Throughout San Francisco, are celebrations for The Summer of Love, 1967. Here is link to deYoung

Obituary for Lloyd Cotsen. In 1978, he walked into my showroom and said “Hello. My name is Cotsen, like hats and coats, Cotsen.” I am lucky to have memories of this very special extraordinary man.