Welcome to Cynthia Shaver Asian Art Newsletter December 2016,

Oh my, the end of the year has come. A good time for reflection, set new directions for the months ahead. I am pleased with the work I did this year; several charitable contributions, estate appraisals, insurance company appraisals and helping families learn more about the property that they recently inherited.

I continue to learn about contemporary Asian Art through the lecture series offered by The Society For Asian Art at the Asian Art Museum. I’m enthusiastic about learning more and asked each speaker throughout the 16 week lecture series if they would be willing to work with me. Learning about contemporary Chinese art is a professional move. This was the Fall lecture series https://www.societyforasianart.org/programs/arts-asia-lecture-series/arts-asia-fall-2016-lecture-series-monet-ai-weiwei-how-we-got-here. The Spring the lectures focus on women in Asian Art, real and imagined.

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This month I have a two more charitable contributions, four office appointments full of various Asian art property and questions to be answered and addressed.

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